Pakistan Cyber Security Cluster is comprised of companies/organizations which are actively working in cyber security. It is an initiative of National Centre of Cyber Security (NCCS); established by Planning Commission of Pakistan through Higher Education Commission. There are 12 R&D Partner Labs in different universities of Pakistan where the body of knowledge on cyber security is being expanded by researchers and faculties under the flagship of NCCS.



The main aim of the cluster is to develop an ecosystem providing a networking platform to share ideas and best practice. Pakistan Cyber Security Cluster aims to bring together industry, academia, government partners and end users to address the most advanced cyber threats. In order to harness the full potential and accrue maximum benefit from the existing expertise through collective wisdom, it is considered essential to provide a common platform.


Pakistan Cyber Security Cluster shall play a leading role in securing Pakistan’s Cyberspace to make Pakistan world’s premier nation in Cyber Security


  • To increase the number of cyber security companies in Pakistan
  • Developing the standards of the cyber security ecosystem
  • To help the branding of its members' products and services
  • To enhance the competitiveness of its members in the national and global market
  • Encouraging collaboration and identifying partnership opportunities so that small cyber security specialist businesses in Pakistan can find new ways to grow
  • Building cyber security knowledge, skills and capabilities in each region
  • Making businesses more resilient to cyber attacks
  • Increasing the number of human resources in the field of cyber security, improving their qualifications
  • To develop cyber security awareness in the whole society


Coordination Office

It is essential that the activities of the cluster are carried out by the cluster members. Facilitating activities such as accepting membership to the cluster, terminating membership, establishing and supporting working groups, providing necessary resources for activities, and coordination of communication with external stakeholders are carried out by the Coordination Office. The Coordination Office consists of a General Coordinator and its coordinators, field experts and administrative staff